The Leftovers - Opening Sheet Music

Added on: 04/08/2015
The Leftovers Opening Sheet Music

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The Leftovers is a drama TV show based on Perrotta's novel. Its first season premiered on HBO in 2014. The Leftovers piano sheet music you can download here is the opening theme for the first season. The main title theme for The Leftovers' first season was composed by Max Richter.

The first song I played on piano from The Leftovers was The Twins. I really liked both The Twins and the main title theme, so I decided to play both. I was really sad to see the opening changed in the second season. If you're interested in playing The Twins, you can download it on The Leftovers The Twins sheet music page!

The Leftovers takes place a few years after a global event during which millions of people inexplicably disappeared all over the world. The show focuses on a family trying to live normally, while a number of cults emerge after the event.

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