Outer Wilds Theme Sheet Music

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds Theme Sheet Music


Piano sheet music for the Outer Wilds Theme.

Format: PDF & Midi / PDF Pages: 4 / Difficulty: Music noteMusic noteMusic note empty
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Outer Wilds (and its first and only DLC Echoes of the Eye) is a video game made by Mobius Digital, first released in 2019, where the player must uncover the mysteries of a small planetary system.

This is probably one of my favourite games from the last decade, and I wanted to play its main theme as soon as I finished it for the first time.

I made this piano arrangement based on Outer Wilds Main Theme (also known as the Travelers Theme),  mixed with the Solanum Theme that I also love very much.

Download OUTER WILDS THEME Sheet Music

Get this Outer Wilds sheet music to be able to download these two files:

  • Outer Wilds Theme Sheet Music PDF
  • Outer Wilds Theme Midi

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