Daria Theme Sheet Music


Daria Theme Sheet Music


Piano sheet music for the Daria theme song: You’re Standing on my Neck.

Format: PDF & Midi / PDF Pages: 2 / Difficulty: Music noteMusic noteMusic note empty
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You’re Standing on my Neck Sheet Music

Daria is one of the animated series I enjoyed when I was younger. This Daria Theme Sheet Music was surprisingly fun to transcribe for the piano! To achieve this, I first checked the chords for the song on a guitar tab, and adapted it for the left hand for piano. I then transcribed the melody by ear for the right hand. My piano cover above is base on the You’re Standing on my Neck Sheet Music you can download on this page.

Download Daria Theme Sheet Music

Purchase Daria’s opening Sheet Music to be able to download these two files:

  • You’re Standing on my Neck Sheet Music PDF
  • You’re Standing on my Neck Midi

Feel free to check all my other piano sheet music, like the Malcolm in the Middle Theme Sheet Music, the Stranger Things Theme Sheet Music, the Daredevil Theme Sheet Music, and many more!

Daria is an animated series that premiered in 1997. The sitcom is based on Daria, a character from Beavis and Butt-Head, another animated series. Daria’s opening theme song is You’re Standing on my Neck, a song performed by the alternative rock band Splendora

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